918kiss(SCR 888) – Malaysia’s finest Live Casino Slots and Casino Games

Well known not only to the locals but to international platforms as well, 918kiss is back and now better than ever. This Malaysian based Casino Network offers players with more than 150 games that is rich with high end graphics for them to enjoy. 918kiss is known throughout the nation by giving new and old players the same, premium quality experience whether it’s from games or customer service. If you’re an avid casino gamer or a casual gamer trying out for experience, then 918kiss is for you.

trusted-online-casino-malaysia-918kiss-scr888Why join 918kiss?

918kiss is relaunched with the intent to satisfy players throughout the gameplay. With this, they decided to release with more than 150 games, with 60 housed traditional games that is rich in visually stunning graphics. If you are the type of person that values safety and privacy, then you are in luck. You have the freedom to play anytime or anywhere as 918kiss is multi-platformed. It is available for both Android and IOS and PC. You can also practice beforehand with the free games that they provide if you’re a newcomer. Once you’re confident enough, you can participate in the real deal.


If you’re an hardcore casino gamer, 918kiss provides loyalty points so even if you’re losing, you can still get the points by participating the game. With loyalty points, you are able to purchase casino credits or even win prizes with it. On top of that, you, the players can also top up automatically by yourselves. With this, players are saved from the hassle of waiting for an agent to provide you the top up and having to wait for a long time. Player’s precious time is saved as it no longer takes time to top up. This system is newly introduced to the players with the intent to save their time. Come and join 918kiss now to enjoy all these benefits.