Newtown Online Casino has become one of the best online gambling platforms in Malaysia. Hosting a myriad of slot games and equipped with the option of Live Gambling as well, Newtown has created quite the reputation for itself. It’s completely safe and legal to play, and considering the fact that it is online, you can play wherever you want, whenever you want. With safety being our top priority, any and all credit card/payment information is kept strictly confidential.

live-casino-malaysia-trusted-online-casinoWHY NEWTOWN?

Newtown Online Casino, also known as NTC33, was created with the customer in mind. A magnificent virtual casino, built to satisfy the gambling needs of any person, Newtown is a safe haven that gives players an authentic casino experience, all from the comfort of their home. Compared to real life casinos, online casinos boast a better win rate, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t give online casinos a try.

Equipped with a variety of games that pay homage to the classic look and feel of the real thing, Newtown ensures that you, the customer, receives the most genuine casino experience you can venture through online. You will be playing with other players in real time, and you will also be able to hear, see and interact with the dealer, maximizing your quality of life when it comes to online gambling. What better place to start from than Newtown?